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International Patients

International Services at SRV hospital is a comprehensive service for patients visiting the hospital from locations outside India. International patient care liaisons coordinate all aspects of your visit.

We can assist you and your family with a wide range of services including:

Weekly health Tips | Your travel itinerary | Travel documents and visa | credit, cash, local currency Medical documents and records in English | Financial, insurance & payment information | Medications| MeDa formalitiesb

  Pre- evaluation

Depending on the nature of the medical help required, the response could include advice on medical procedure along with a quote or if the concerned doctor feels that he/she needs to know more or view recent reports, the same will be communicated to the patient.

  Travel requirements & assistance

once your travel itinerary is ready, send it to our international team who will prepare for your arrival and arrange a complimentary pick-up from the airport and ambulance service.

  Language interpretation

Language interpreter service is made available on advance request.

  Customised cuisine

Special diet will be arranged to suit the requirements of international patients.

  Accommodation arrangement

assistance in arranging accommodation at hotels or guesthouses in the vicinity, local travel and foreign currency exchange is provided by the hospital based on your budget.

  Finance and insurance services

The Finance Manager or Insurance coordinator can be contacted for information regarding cost of services at the hospital. all international patients need to deposit the appropriate amount quoted at the time of admission. In case the funds have been transferred online, we request you to carry the transaction receipts along with you. We accept payment via all major credit cards, traveller's cheque, wire-transfer and cash.

  During the visit

If you are travelling on a medical visa, you are required to register at the Foreigners Regional Registration office within 14 days of your arrival.


At the time admission, certain documents are required to be produced:

Driver’s license or any valid proof of identity with proper validity.

Passport at the time of admission and copy of same will be maintained in your medical record.

  Meeting the consultant

Based on your medical requirement, we’ll set up a meeting with our experienced specialists with whom you can discuss your medical issues, seek advice in terms of treatment plan, duration and the dos and don’ts.

  Medical and legal documents

patients are required to carry records like x-Rays, MRIs, health histories, photographs, immunization records, prescriptions and any other health records relevant to the surgery. It is advisable to carry your sponsor letter with you if you are sponsored by an nGo/corporates/Insurance etc.

  Discharge of patients and bill

Discharge process is initiated only after the consultant deems the patient fit for discharge and completes the discharge summary. on confirmation of discharge, documents, medication and formalities pertaining to the final bill will be processed.

The discharge summary includes drug prescription, investigation reports and medicines that will be handed over to the patient. The consultant, on request, may issue a medical certificate.

  Pending reports

at the time of discharge, reports that are not available at the time of discharge can be collected later from the reception or if needed be couriered or mailed.


We are committed to providing end-to-end care and are happy to set up a consultation and provide further assistance even after you have returned home.